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Our Vision, Mission, and Goals

The Tai Chi Edge is, first and foremost, a healthy lifestyle program. We design, develop, and facilitate Tai Chi Enhanced Style mind-body medicine exercise, education, and training programs that improve individual and community health and wellbeing.


Our VISION is a world that is a healthier and happier place to visit, where everyone is free from pain, suffering, and illness, feels love and joy, and is able to achieve their best life. 


We believe we can help do this by offering a Tai Chi Enhanced Style program in communities around the world with 1 billion members in our tribe.


Our MISSION is to facilitate a culture of health and well-being in individuals and communities by making it fun, simple, and affordable to learn and practice Tai Chi Enhanced Style.


To do this, we will build a global network of enthusiastic, health-conscious, and concerned volunteer tribe members that help organize, set up, and run local and community Tai Chi Edge Programs.


As defined by the new Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative, a culture of health promotes individual and community well-being, creates physical and social environments that prioritize health, and supports equitable, healthy living for everyone:


The Tai Chi Edge Community Bases Free programs are designed to encourage, support, and facilitate a culture of health and well-being in individuals and communities around the world.


Our IMMEDIATE GOAL is to enhance individual and community culture of health by connecting all individuals and communities to a Tai Chi Edge Science-Based Healthy Lifestyle Program.


If OUR VISION inspires you, we invite YOU to join
us in pursuing OUR MISSION and GOALS. 


Reach out to us and one of our tribe members will answer your questions.

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