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Mind-body Medicine
Referral Program 

Whether you are a medical professional, hospital- or clinic service provider Tai Chi Edge Mind-Body Medicine services can help you to manage chronic health conditions with scientifically verified Tai Chi Edge rehabilitation tools and services.

 We offer:

  • Tai Chi Enhanced mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive health programs. 

  • Designed for the healthcare professional looking for a quality Tai Chi for health program. 

  • All instructors are highly trained and Board Certified to teach Tai Chi Enhanced Style

    1. Tai Chi for General Health and Wellbeing

    2. Tai Chi Enhanced Style for PTSD

    3. Tai Chi Enhanced Style for Depression

    4. Tai Chi Enhanced style for Anxiety

    5. Tai Chi Enhanced Style for Anger Management

    6. Tai Chi for Hypertension

    7. Tai Chi for Arthritis

    8. Tai Chi for Weight Loss

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