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Dr. Clint Pearman and the Tai Chi Edge


The Tai Chi Edge was founded in Oceanside Ca in 2020 by Dr. Clint Pearman, Psy.D. Clint, as he is known by in the local community, started studying QiGong in 2006 and began his Tai Chi journey in 2008. A Yang Style 24 Form specialist. Clint has attended numerous in-person and live virtual Tai Chi training programs, including:     

  • White Dragon Martial Arts  Studio

  • The Open the Door to Tai Chi Program 

  • Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Programs


Clint studies and practices the Tai Chi philosophy, principles, and techniques found in the Tai Chi Classics in general and several Tai Chi Masters, in particular, including: 

  • Grandmaster Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming of Yang’s Martial Arts Associates (YMAA)

  • Master Dr. Jessie Tsao of Tai Chi Healthways

  • Dr. Paul Lam of Tai Chi for Health.

  •  Andrew Townsend


Clint has completed numerous Tai Chi and health-related certified and certificate programs, including:

  • Board Certified Tai Chi for Heart Heath: Tai Chi for Health Institute       

  • Board Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis: Tai Chi for Health Institute·      

  • Board Certified Tai Chi for Fall Prevention: Tai Chi for Health Institute·      

  • Certified Open the Door to Tai Chi Instructor - Functional Aging Institute (FAI)      

  • Certified Tai Chi Instructor - United States Tai Chi Community (USTCC) 

  • Certified Tai Chi Instructor - American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA)      

  • Tai Chi Certificate - American Sports Fitness Association (ASFA)     

  • Certified Master Personal Trainer - American Sports Fitness Association (ASFA)     

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor - Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

  • Introduction to Tai Chi: Harvard University​ 


As a contract Tai Chi instructor in the Holistic Health Center, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program, Department of Mental Health at Naval Hospital Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Dr. Clint provides a specialized form of Tai Chi Enhanced mental and behavioral health therapy using mind-body techniques based on Tai Chi, integrated with the health-enhancing benefits of the ancient traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) QiGong.  He supports and enhances the mental and behavioral health therapy of service members experiencing substance use disorders, trauma, PTSD, depression, adjustment disorders, stress-related disorders, and other behavioral and mental health issues. 


Clint holds a BA in Health and Wellness, a BA in Business, a MA in Psychology, an MA in Business Management, and a Doctorate in Psychology - with a specialization in Health and Wellness Psychology. His research interest is in mind-body medicine interventions for optimum health and well-being. Prior to his current position, Clint was a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and Trainer (CBIST) and the Regional Education Coordinator for the Defense Health Agency’s Traumatic  Brain Injury Center of Excellence. In this role, he presented lectures, education programs, and training for military and civilian healthcare providers, service members, many west coast organizations, the VA, government organizations, colleges, and universities on the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries. 


Today Clint uses his diverse interdisciplinary background and education to study the integration of ancient mind-body medicine practices with modern biopsychosocial sciences to help people improve and optimize their mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being.  Clint’s research interests include applied mind-body exercises in general and Tai Chi practices in particular for the design, implementation, and evaluation of:·     

  • Comprehensive workplace health and wellness programs.

  • Tai Chi enhanced community-based comprehensive health and wellness programs.

  • Tai Chi enhanced academic performance improvement programs.

  • Tai Chi enhanced mental, behavioral, and physical health.


Clint is the Founder and CEO/President of multiple organizations, primarily in the health and wellness area, including BICOTIE Global, ABC Wellness Zone, and the Tai Chi Edge.  Clint currently sits on the Board of Directors for multiple VSOs. And he is the Founder of the North County San Diego Community-Based Free Tai Chi program. In this program, he provides a health-enhancing free community-based tai chi program serving multiple North County locations.

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