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Mastering the Health and Wellness Game Made Easy: 28 Day Health and Wellness Challenge

  • 28Days
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Would you like to discover how Tai Chi Enhanced Style, integrated with a simple nutrition program, team coaching, group accountability and motivation, and teamwork can help you transform your health to a higher level, help you feel younger, move better, and live your healthiest life possible? If yes, the Tai Chi Enhanced 28 Day Fitness Challenge is for you. This immersion program starts with an introduction to cellular nutrition seminar, where you will learn how a simple science based nutrition program can jump start weight loss, increase energy, and improve sleep. Then you get a personalized optimum nutrition program designed for you, followed by personalized fitness program, and a stress management program using the Tai Chi Enhanced Style. The program is led by Dr. Clint Pearman. Over the four-week program you will learn to use simple nutrition solution to help with weight loss, energy cultivation, boost immune system response, and improve overall health and wellbeing. Stress is a major contributor to poor health; in this program you will learn Tai Chi Enhanced Style stress management techniques to reduce stress and improve immune functioning and overall feeling of wellness. You will also learn to integrate a personalized exercise program with your daily Ta Chi session. One of the most challenging aspect of any health and wellness program is accountability. Most people fail at permanent weight loss because they don’t have a team to help hold them accountable, motivated, and inspired to reach their goals. The Tai Chi Enhanced 28 Day Challenge puts you on a team with members all pursuing their own goals and the team keeps everyone motivated, accountable, and inspired to succeed. Don’t hesitate any longer to get registered for the next program and lets take you health to the next level. STEP 1: Register for the Mastering the Health and Wellness Game Webinar to get started: Click here:

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